Optimally controlled.

AUTEX exhaust gas recirculation valves and idle control valves: Top spare parts quality for high demands.


AUTEX has now also added electromechanical regulators to its range: A broad selection of almost 300 different EGR valves and more than 100 different idle control valves complement our existing palette of cooling and engine control products.

EGR valves are responsible for the electronically-controlled exhaust gas recirculation and the reduction of emissions. Idle control valves stabilise the idle speed with fluctuations due to switchable consumers.

AUTEX control valves are high quality replacement parts, which ensure the perfect interaction between electronics and mechanics. In particular with high mileages, quality parts are essential because these guarantee a high degree of operational safety.


Convincing advantages

  • top quality for greater safety in engine management
  • the best value for money for timely and efficient repairs
  • constant optimisation of the spare parts product pallet
  • Tested, consistent top quality
  • many years of experience in engine control and cooling systems
AUTEX Gelenkscheibe
AUTEX Gelenkscheibe
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